Friday, 1 March 2013


I am sorry to have to announce that the All England Championships to be held in Sittingbourne in March has been cancelled. I had just 30 entries for this Multi Style event even though I had spent £600 advertising in Martial Arts Magazines, post and Internet. My hope was to try and look for the rebirth of competitions in the South for juniors and seniors and return to the glory days by offering several styles of Jacket Grappling i.e. Judo, Kurash, Sombo, SportCombatSombo and Submission Wrestling.

It seems that those participating in Martial Arts/Combat Sports no longer have the courage to enter competitions and test their skills; I was very disappointed that many clubs and organisations I have supported in the past did not want to support this event and me especially.

So I will no longer run any competitions myself and leave that to others to organise and fund, a rather disappointing end to career of organising events. The first event I organised was in 1971 which was the Young Judo Club All England Judo Championships, since then I have organised countless International Budo Federation and British Sombo Federation British Championships, IBF Multi Nation tournaments in Karate and Judo, British Wrestling Association British Juniors, European and World Sombo Championships plus many area events and club events in Judo, Sombo, Kurash, SportCombatSombo, Karate, Shiai Jutsu, Free Style Wrestling and Belt Wrestling.

For those who would like to participate in a Sambo/Sombo event my son, John, will be organising a small event at the Swale Martial Arts Club on the date that was proposed Sunday March 10th. You will need to contact him directly as he will no doubt have a closing date for entries.  Tel No is 07825224940 e-mail

Can I wish him the best of luck he will need it

Martin Clarke


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